NorthBEAT Collaborative Newsletter: April 2019

The NorthBEAT Coordinating team is excited to present our April 2019 newsletter, which summarizes the NorthBEAT Collaborative activities over the past few months. In this issue: Introduction to Psychosis: Module 1 coming soon! News from the #northbeatYAG Knowledge Exchange What If Video Update NorthBEAT Collaborative: Member Profiles Download our newsletter: NorthBEAT Collaborative Newsletter: April 2019 (pdf)

NorthBEAT Collaborative Newsletter: November 2018

The NorthBEAT Coordinating Team is happy to present our November 2018 NorthBEAT newsletter–just in time for the one year anniversary of our 2017 kickoff event! In this issue: NorthBEAT Coordinating Team Update eLearning Update & Introduction to eLearning experts Introducing NorthBEAT’s YAG & FLAG Advisory Groups Knowledge Exchange Update: NorthBEAT at IEPA11 in Boston, MA […]

NorthBEAT Collaborative Newsletter: July 2018

The NorthBEAT Collaborative’s coordinating team is proud to present the first issue of our newsletter since the launch of the Collaborative. In this issue: Moving Forward with eLearning Development NorthBEAT Staffing Changes Now Hiring: NorthBEAT Intern Coming Up: Resource Mapping Welcoming our newest members In Memoriam: Bruce Minore Youth and Family Engagement Download our newsletter: […]

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