NorthBEAT Youth Advisory Group


If you’re a young person with direct (or indirect!) lived experience with accessing mental health services in Northwestern Ontario, we’d love for you to join our Youth Advisory Group!

Have you or anyone you know ever accessed mental health services?

The NorthBEAT Collaborative is a group of committed, caring people working together to make it easier for Northwestern Ontario youth experiencing mental health issues to get the services they need , when and where they need them.

NorthBEAT’s Youth Advisory Group Members help offer suggestions and insights on ways to improve access to mental health services in Northwestern Ontario.

Youth with psychosis in Northwestern Ontario do not get the help they need when they need it.

We're going to change that.

NorthBEAT is a strategic systems collaborative that will make it easier for youth with psychosis to get the help they need, when and where they need it. The Collaborative is made up of service providers from a variety of sectors, including but not limited to: mental health, health care, police and first-responders, education, child and youth services, social and community services. Since the Collaborative’s primary focus is on the youth of Northwestern Ontario, it is vital for a Youth Advisory Group to be a part of the Collaborative.

The best way to understand and realize what youth need is for us to hear it from the youth. Youth will play a key role in identifying and bringing awareness to current issues and barriers regarding mental health within the community.  Youth Advisory Group members help offer suggestions and insights on ways to improve access to mental health services in Northwestern Ontario. 
NorthBEAT Collaborative - Supported by St. Joseph's Care Group and Ontario Trillium Foundation Youth Opportunities Fund (2017-21)
NorthBEAT - 2017 Ontario Trillium Foundation Youth Opportunities Fund Recipient
The NorthBEAT Collaborative is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Youth Opportunities Fund, and sponsored by the Centre for Applied Health Research at St. Joseph’s Care Group.
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"The NorthBEAT Collaborative is taking innovative steps to help youth living with psychosis overcome barriers to diagnosis and treatment. St. Joseph's Care Group commends the Youth Advisory Group and Family and Lived Experience Advisory Group who, together with Dr. Chiachen Cheng's research team, contributed to educational resources and social media strategies designed for the youth in Northwestern Ontario and beyond to get the information that they need to identify psychosis and understand how to access care early on."
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